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Refer A Friend

(limited time offer so start sharing!)

Status of this special offer: Still available

Receive an Axdahl’s $20 gift card for each person you refer to our CSA program!
Simply spread the word about our CSA program to your friends, co-workers, family members, etc. You don’t need to purchase a share to refer others.

When they sign up for a CSA share (full or half) you will receive an Axdahl’s $20 gift card good for anything* we sell at our farm stand
(*with the exception of the purchase of a CSA membership)

For example: If 10 people you refer sign up for a CSA share then you’ll receive $200 worth of Gift Cards! Just be sure that your referrals mention your name when they sign up in order for you to get the credit. There’s a place for them to type in your name when they sign up online.

The Fine Print (rules and guidelines)
1. Only the first person is eligible for this referral special. For example: Sue tells Mary about the CSA program. Mary signs up. Sue would get a $20 Gift Card. Mary can not get credit for Sue since Sue was the one that referred Mary. If Mary tells others and they sign up, then Mary will get a Gift Card for each sign up.

2. In order to receive a Gift Card, the person signing up must provide your name at the time of sign up. For example, if Mary signed up but didn’t give Sue’s name, then Sue would not get a Gift Card even if Mary tells us later that Sue referred her.

3. You don’t need to purchase a share in order to refer your friends. We’ll do our best to keep track of your referrals (the people that sign up and tell us you referred them).

4. We will contact you about how to get your Gift Card(s) to you. The safest way is to pick them up at our farmstand.

If you have any questions about this offer or our CSA program, please contact us by phone or email.

Call: (651) 439-3134 or
Email: info@axdahlfarms.com

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