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Bushels of Recipes

Axdahl Farms Grows NO GMO’s!!!

To access a whole bushel full of recipes just click any of our product listings below.

Note: A new window or tab should open to the allrecipes.com website. You can also type in your own search words in their search box to find more recipes.

Beans – Green Snap, Yellow Wax, Romano (flat) varieties
Brussels Sprouts
Cauliflower – White, Purple and Green Varieties
Cucumbers – Greenhouse and Field Slicing varieties
Eggplant – Purple, White, & Oriental Varieties
Kohlrabi – Green and Purple Varieties
Peas- Sugar Snap
Lettuces – Hydroponically Grown
Peppers – Sweet Cone, Bell, Yellow, Red and Green, Banana, Hot Habanero, Ghost, and other hot varieties.
Popcorn – Harvest Blend
Potatoes – Baby Red, Yukon Gold and Russet
Pumpkins – and other fall items such as gourds and décor.
Sweet Corn – Both White and Bi-Color “What kind of Sweet Corn is it?”
Tomatoes – Both Vine Ripened and Greenhouse grown. Heirloom, Hybrid and Cherry varieties
Watermelons – Red Seedless & Yellow Seeded varieties
Squash – Yellow Summer, Zucchini, Buttercup, Butternut, Acorn, and other winter varieties.

All of these fresh, delicious Minnesota Grown products are available mid-July through September while they are in season. *Availability is dependent on the season and success of each crop.

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