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This Week’s Harvest at Axdahl’s!

For recipes click the name of the item above the photo or scroll down below the photos to the full list of things we grow and/or will have available at our farm throughout the growing season (weather permitting). Here are some of the things we’ve been harvesting. Each of the images can be clicked on for delicious and unique recipes. Enjoy!!
Sweet Potatoes Georgia Peaches Blueberries Cherries Bi-Color Sweet Corn Strawberries Persian Cucumbers Seedless Watermelon Yukon Gold Potatoes Sweet Yellow Onions Tomatoes Russet Potatoes Rhubarb Baby Red Potatoes Honey Maple Syrup Hot Sauce Valhalla Popcorn
*The following list is a sampling of fresh produce you will find during the season at Axdahl’s Garden Farm & Greenhouse:Asparagus
Beans – Green Snap, Yellow Wax, Romano (flat) varieties
Cucumbers – Greenhouse and Field Slicing varieties
Eggplant – Purple, White, & Oriental Varieties
Kohlrabi – Green and Purple Varieties
Peas- Sugar Snap
Peppers – Sweet Cone, Bell, Yellow, Red and Green, Banana, Hot Habanero, Ghost, and other hot varieties.
Popcorn – Harvest Blend
Potatoes – Baby Red, Yukon Gold and Russet
Pumpkins – and other fall items such as gourds and décor.
Sweet Corn – Both White and Bi-Color “What kind of Sweet Corn is it?”
Tomatoes – Both Vine Ripened and Greenhouse grown. Heirloom, Hybrid and Cherry varieties
Watermelons – Red Seedless & Yellow Seeded varieties
Squash – Yellow Summer, Zucchini, Buttercup, Butternut, Acorn, and other winter varieties.

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