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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Season

Discount Card
As a special gift for our CSA SHARE members we will provide a membership card that provides a discount on any regular priced product from our garden farm & greenhouse in Stillwater from April-December (FULL share members get 15% off, HALF share members get 10% off)

Pick Up Locations
Please click here for the Locations Page. If you have your own group of 15 or more (neighbors, co-workers, etc.) we can make arrangements for a central pick up location. Please call 651-439-3134 for more info.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) work?
Each week during the growing season CSA farms deliver boxes of sustainably grown produce (a “share”) to drop-off sites for their members to pick up. Consumers pay a fee in the spring to become “members” or shareholders of that farm, and then enjoy the rewards of a bountiful harvest.

2. What is a shareholder?
A shareholder is the person who invests in the CSA program and purchases the share.

3. What will be in my CSA share (box) each week?
Each week your share box will be filled with the harvest available that week. Early season harvest consists of salad bowls, herbs, and plants, plus any early season crops that we are harvesting. Later season harvests can contain everything from sweet corn to tomatoes and peppers.

4. How “full” will my CSA share box be – do you fill by weight?
The boxes are filled by the dollar value not weight. Many CSA’s do it this way. We fill the boxes for full shares between $35-$40 value. We know what goes into each box each day and that helps us make sure to give you a good value. The price of produce can be much higher year to year due to weather and other factors. As more of our produce ripens, you’ll see a greater variety in your share box.

Don’t forget about your discount card (10% off for HALF share members, 15% off for FULL share members). You can use it to supplement your produce. As a CSA member you can also stack discounts, meaning if there is a coupon in the Rainbow Shopper or other medium you can use that discount in addition to your 10-15% CSA member card discount. We don’t offer that to anyone other than CSA members and don’t know any other CSA that offers this.

5. Do I need to do any preparation before using my CSA items?
All produce is “sustainably grown” which means it’s grown in the ground with minimal “critter control”. Therefore, it could have some dirt or nonharmful insects on it. Please wash all produce before eating it. For broccoli and cauliflower, it’s best to submerge the head in a sink or large bowl of water.

6. How many shares does my family or household need?
A full share typically provides enough produce to feed a family of 4 for the week. (A little less if the share includes plants.)

7. Can I split the CSA share with someone if it’s too much food??
Yes. The “shareholder” can share their food as well as the investment with a friend or relative.

8. What if I receive a vegetable that I don’t like?
This is your opportunity to broaden your palate! Try a new recipe or new way of preparing the vegetable. You may be pleasantly surprised!

9. How do I receive my share?
Select your preference of a pick up location when signing up for a CSA share. The pick up locations will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. We will notify you if your pick up location of choice is not available. The confirmed location will be emailed or mailed with your share confirmation.

10. What if I’m unable to pick up my share?
We are not able to hold shares. If you are not available to pick up your own share, a friend or relative may pick it up for you.

11. Can you tell me more about the discount membership card?
15% off (reg. priced products) for FULL SHARE members
10% off (reg. priced products) for HALF SHARE members

We will mail the card to you with your CSA confirmation letter after you have purchased a CSA share from us.

The discount card can only be used for purchases of regular priced products at our Farm & Greenhouse in Stillwater (can not be used for a CSA share or at other locations such as Farmer’s Markets, etc.)

The card is good any time from April-December in the year that it was issued.

12. Have a question that’s not answered here?
Please contact us by phone or email and we’ll be happy to provide more info.

Call: (651) 439-3134
Email: info@axdahlfarms.com

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