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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Season

Axdahl Farms Grows NO GMO’s!!!

Continuing to Grow for You!

We want to assure you that we at Axdahl’s will continue to provide you with the fresh produce and products that you depend on. For over 30 years, we have practiced sustainable farming and provided safe, healthy food for you and our community. We have several certifications and have attended numerous courses in food safety. We will continue to practice safety and implement even more measures as necessary. We understand that you have many things on your mind right now. You are always welcome to call or email us at any time. We value you and appreciate your support now more than ever. We’re not going anywhere. We are truly growing for you! Farms and our input suppliers are considered essential, so there is no reason we wouldn’t be open this spring and beyond.

Don’t forget that we’ll have lots of veggie and herb plants! Great for planting your own gardens!

Call us ANY TIME 651-439-3134 or email info@axdahlfarms.com. We promise we will always get back to you if we can’t respond immediately. (It’s me, Leslie, that directly receives every phone call, voicemail and email!! 🙂

Thank you to our local community and farm guests! Our Flexible CSA program has been a huge success! We’re enjoying another great year of fabulous fresh produce, plants and other farm goodies. If you enjoy a CSA format, check it out. Otherwise we’ll see you at the farm soon!

Our 2021 Flex CSA Program offers the following benefits:
• Partnership with Axdahl Farms, your local farm,
• Expanded time period to enjoy local produce.
• Flexibility to get the quantities and varieties of produce that fit your needs and schedule. No set time or day to pick up a box!
• Ability to include flowering plants, veggies, herbs and more for your own personal gardens.
• Knowledge of where your food comes from
• Ensuring the success of a local farm and the families we employ
• Strengthening our local economy by keeping food dollars here
• Sharing in the rewarding experience of being connected with your food, the land and the farmer!

When you sign up, you’ll receive a prepaid gift card good for everything at our farm market including our delicious seasonal produce!

Axdahl’s Garden Farm & Greenhouse is a family-owned farm and longtime supplier to many stores with delicious local produce.

When you sign up you have the flexibility to pick up whatever local produce or plants when you want and in the quantities you desire any time during the season, April-December.

Greenhouse Season
Veggie Season
Fall Harvest Season
Holiday Season

Click here to sign up for our FLEXIBLE CSA PROGRAM!

*The following list is a sampling of fresh produce you will find as it is in season at Axdahl’s Garden Farm & Greenhouse:
Beans – Green Snap, Yellow Wax, Romano (flat) varieties
Cucumbers – Greenhouse and Field Slicing varieties
Eggplant – Purple, White, & Oriental Varieties
Kohlrabi – Green and Purple Varieties
Peas- Sugar Snap
Peppers – Sweet Cone, Bell, Yellow, Red and Green, Banana, Hot Habanero, Ghost, and other hot varieties.
Popcorn – Harvest Blend
Potatoes – Baby Red, Yukon Gold and Russet
Pumpkins – and other fall items such as gourds and décor.
Sweet Corn – Both White and Bi-Color “What kind of Sweet Corn is it?”
Tomatoes – Both Vine Ripened and Greenhouse grown. Heirloom, Hybrid and Cherry varieties
Watermelons – Red Seedless & Yellow Seeded varieties
Squash – Yellow Summer, Zucchini, Buttercup, Butternut, Acorn, and other winter varieties.

All of these fresh, delicious Minnesota Grown products are available mid-July through September while they are in season. *Availability is dependent on the season and success of each crop.

CSA 2021 Sign Ups

Click here for the sign up page for our NEW FLEXIBLE CSA PROGRAM!

We at Axdahl’s would like to invite you to join our family. Being a part of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program will provide you with many benefits including those listed below:

• Flexible schedule to pick up any of Axdahl’s nutrient rich, mouth watering & sustainably grown produce any time during the season. You will enjoy the freshest produce available.
• Knowledge of where your food comes from and that what you are eating is sustainably grown, local, healthy, safe, and pesticide free
• Improving our environment. The fresh produce you receive hasn’t traveled hundreds or thousands of miles and used up valuable non-renewable resources for transportation before it reaches you.
• Ensuring the success of our local farm and the families we employ.
• Investing in us and buying a share of this year’s harvest in advance supports the kind of stewardship that is good for the land and the community. You are sharing in the rewards as well as the risks of the year’s crops.
• Sharing in the rewarding experience of being connected with your food, the land and the farmer.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a prepaid gift card good for everything at our farm market including delicious seasonal produce, flowering plants, veggies and herbs for your own personal garden as well as Fall and Holiday items.

You pay only $200

You pay only $400

You pay only $600

Click here for the sign up page for our NEW FLEXIBLE CSA PROGRAM!

Receive a Gift Card just for referring others to our CSA program. For more information please call or email us.

Call: (651) 439-3134 or
Email: info@axdahlfarms.com

We're Growing For You!

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